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Time (min) Scripture Title
S001 34 Jer.1:1-3,  Acts 2:1-4, 7:51 The Quiet Power of the Spirit
S002 32 Jer.17:5-10 The Bankruptcy of Man
S003 32 Jer.1:6, 2-Cor.3:5 The Workshop of Our Lives
S004 34 Jer.17:1-10, Psa.1 The Heart of Man
S005 33 Jer.17:5-9, Psa.1:1-3 Confronting the Heart of Man
S006 36 Psa.1:2-3, Eph.3:14 Having Your Roots in God's Water Course
S007 35 Lam.3:1-3, 22-26 Great is Thy Faithfulness
S008 28 Lam.3:18-25, 46,  1-Cor.13, 1-Cor.12, Luke 10 We are All the Same
S009 33 Psa73, 2-Cor.12, Rom.8 Natural Expectations
S010 36 Eze.1:1-5, Rev.4:1-5 Visions of God -Prt 1
S011 34 Eze.1:4-12, Rev.4:2-5:4, Dan.10:5-8 Visions of God -Prt 2
S012 28 Eze.1 Visions of God -Prt 3
S013 34 Eze.1:15, Rev.1:13-15, 4, 5, Dan.10:5-6 Visions of God -Prt 4
S014 34 Eze.1:10-28, Heb.11:1 Visions of God -Prt 5
S015 26 Eze.28:12-19, Isa.12:14-20 Lucifer, the Light Bearer
S016 36 Eze.28:11-19, 2-Cor.12:10, Phil.6:10-13 Exposing the Enemy
S017 33 Eze.28:12-19, Isa.14:12-22, 1-Pet.5:8-9 Satan, the Prince of the Earth
S018 30 Eze.28 Self Actualization
S019 24 Eze. Satan, the Accuser
S020 30 2Tim.2:25-26 Escaping the Snare of the Devil
S021 31 1-Pet.5:5-6 The Witness of the Spirit to Truth
S022 26 1-Pet.5:5-7, Rom.12:3 Walk in Lowliness
S023 31 1-Pet.5:1-9 Satan's Desire is to Devour Us
S024 31 1-Pet.5:5-11 Be Steadfast Against Satan
S025 41 2-Cor.12:7-10 The Ability from Christ
S026 30 2-Cor.10:3-4, Gal.5:16 The Weapons of Our Warfare
S027 33 2-Cor. 12:4-5 While Walking in the Flesh
S028 29 2-Cor.10:4-6, Rom.7:23, 16:19, Heb.4:12 Dealing with Habits in the Flesh
S029 36 Gen.1:2-3, Matt.3:11, Mal.3:3 The Work of the Holy Spirit
S030 31 Mal.3:3 The Spirit's Consuming Fire
S032 38 Eph.3:11-21, Heb.10:26 What Does the Spirit Do for Us
S033 31 Eph.3:14-16, 1-Cor.13:11-12 The Impact of the Spirit
S034 32 Eph.3:14-21, 2Chr.7:14 How Can We Know the Truth
S035 37 Eph.3:14-16, 2-Cor.4:6 Evidence to God's Power
S036 37 Eph.3:14-20 The Flush of the Holy Spirit in Us
S037 33 Eph.3 God's Love Vs  Human Love
S038 29 Eph.3:14-21 Above all that We ask or Think
S039 32 Eph.1:15-17, 3:20 Nailing Down the Work of the Spirit
S040 33 Eph.3:10-21, 1-Cor.2:9-10, Heb.11:1 The Spirit Go Revelation and Knowledge
S041 26 Eph.1:15-20 Hope
S042 33 Eph.1:15-20, Heb.11:1 Warfare in the Supra Heavens
S043 28 Eph.1:18-21, 6:10-13, Col.2:9 The Believers - the Fullness of Christ
S044 33 Eph.1:20-23, 1-Cor.12:15, Rom.8:17 The Church as Christ Meant It
S045 31 Eph.1:22-23, Col.1:15, John 1:1, 1-Cor.12:1 The Believers - God's Family
S046 34 Eze.38:17-19, Rev.9, 14, 16, 17, 20 A Current Picture if Prophecy
S047 33 Eze.38, Dan.7:8-18, 1-Pet.3 A Common Denominator in Prophecy
S048A 31 Eze.38:1-22, Rev.20:1-15 Fitting Pieces in Prophecy
S048B 31 Eze.38:1-22, 1-Cor.15, 1-Thess.4, Duet.32 & 33 Prophecy's Message
S049 37 Gal.4:22-23 The Fruit of the Spirit
S050 41 John 10:16, Matt.10:22, Rev.4:8, 11, 5:9, 12, 13, 7:12, 15:3-4, 19:1-3, Duet.31, 32, 33, Psa.68  Songs of Deliverance
S051 28 Rom 8:22, 3-John 3 The Work of the Spirit
S052 38 Gal.5:13-23, Rom.7:18-8:2 Manifestations of the Flesh
S053 31 Gal.5:22 Christian Construction and Consciousness
S054 32 Gal.5:22, Psa.72:1-3 Peace, Harmony with God
S055 31 Gal.5:22, 2Pet.3:9 God An Israel, Peace and Longsuffering
S056 32 Gal.5:22, Mar.11:26 Helping Others in the Spirit
S057 31 Gal.5:22, Luk.8:5-15, 10:38-42, John 15:16, Ecc.3:1-3, Rom.15 Goodness and How It is Used Today
S058 31 Gal.5:22 Absolute Faith
S059 33 Gal.5:22, Psa.14:1 Faith, How It Works
S060 30 Gal.5:22, Rom.12:3 Slow Growth
S061 22 Gal.5:22 The Simplicity of Growth
S062 36 Gal.5:22, Num.12:3, Matt.5:5, John 7:38 Blessed and Meek
S063 35 Gal.5:22,  1-Cor.13:11 The Wreckage of Advice
S064 36 Gal.5:22, 1-Cor.6:10 Facing the Routines of Life
S066 26 Gal.5:22, Psa.68:19  
S067 27 Gal.5:22 Material Insights
S068 30 Acts 1:8, 2:1-4, Gal.1:8-9, Rom.10:9 A Foundation for the Book of Acts
S070 34 Acts The Presence of Evil in the World
S072 32 Acts 2:1-4,  3:1-13, Phil.2 The Great Issue in the Book of Acts
S073 30 Acts 2:16-21 Through the Depths of Life
S074 32 Acts 2, Phil.2:5 The Human Body and the Miracle of God
S075 26 Acts 2:17-18, John 20:22 Substance
S076 28 Acts 2:18 The Holy Spirit and the Right Track
S078 33 Acts 2:18 A Construction Under Way
S079 33 Acts 2:24-6, Roman 10:6, Psa.16 The Lord of the Universe
S080 22 Acts 2:17-18, John 4:13 The River of Living Water
S081 34 Acts 2 You Just Know It
S082 35 Acts: 2:22-36, John 20:22, Rom.9 Jesus of Nazarene
S083 29 Acts 2:22-36 Growing Up
S084 30 - Sound Thoughts Concerning Christmas
S087 25 Acts 2:42-47, Rom.12:18 A Look at the Early Church
S088 30 Acts 2:42-47, Rev.13 Tapestry in the Making
S089 28 3-John 1:2, Matt.10:20-22 Facing Realities
S090 29 Acts 3:1-12, Gal.5:22 Faith Functioning in Our Lives
S091 31 Acts 3:1-10, Heb.2 Emotions and Our Relation to God
S092 31 Acts 3:1-15, Matt.27:25 Peter and John, God's Power
S093 31 Acts 4 The Ignorance of Man
S094 30 Acts 4:24 The Eternal Spirit Incarnate
S095 33 Acts 4:26-33 Soundness in Our Faith
S096 30 Acts 4:26-33 Survival of the Fittest
S097 28 Acts 5:1-10 Ananias and Sapphira
S098 32 Acts 5:1-5, 1-Cor.12:13 A Study of the Church
S099 31 Acts 5:26-40 The Disciples Confront the Jews
S100 30 Acts 4 & 5 The New Testament Era Begins

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