Into the abyss of human misery He came,

And, though a babe,

yet was His heart aflame with the Glory of God.

Into the abyss—the Glory of God for the world of men;

Into the abyss, where once He dared to drink the cup of sorrow,

And then—

faced the consequence of that abyss,

And bore upon His flawless frame

the symbols of all human sin expressed;

And in a tragic stroke the grand illusions aid to rest

Of man’s inherent dignity.

Strange it is that all the tragedies of time

Have not sufficed to prove to man

the depths of that accursed clime

to which his soul was born.

Nor has it dawned upon his darkened heart

That e’en the noble things of man are part of vain facade.

And all the liberty

In which he revels to indulge his selfish soul

Is but a bondage, from the chains of which

the grace of God alone can set him free.

And so, insensitive to all but grosser earthly things,

And unaware the raft

To which he blindly clings is rudderless and without sail,

He drifts through life,

grasping, striving,

bearing fortune’s perfidies—

Until that disenchanting moment when the spirit

flees the mortal cage

And knows

that all he lived for was but ashes

and all the good he shunned—

the stuff of which eternal bliss is made.

Thus the abyss to which He came—the majesty of God enshrined

for all the world to see—

the Blessed Son of Man.

Into the abyss—

the Son of God with the power to free

The souls of all in one great deed

of holy, and unselfish love.

Now on eagle’s wings the souls of those who will, may soar;

And unencumbered by the chains of demon power,

Know the thrill of life fulfilled;

the joy of harmony with Him in whom

the timeless universe remains secure.


David Morsey

From the Eagles Nest