Dark the clouds that span the sky

And dark the heart that lingers by the open window

And what beyond that veil of gloom

Ahh could it be a God to whom a heart can cry

And gain response

And not be mocked by ceaseless taunts

Flung back at him on every hand

By that cold gray mass

Whose bland and mocking surface

Hears no cry nor feels the pain

Nor wonders why

A mortal soul should ever care whether God might be up there

Oh God of all if thou be real

Cansít thou not pierce that veil

And feel the agony of mortal soul

Desperately pursuing the whole of truth

Nor yet content with light by greatest sages lent

But still upon his bended knee must search and search

Till he to his own soul can hear Godís voice

Or cries unheeded make his choice to walk the earth alone

Clouds overhead a wall of stone and God, yes, perhaps heís there

But one soul evermore cries where


David Morsey