To Judy

She was not long with us

(as we reckon time),

But long enough—long enough

to touch God

Or rather for God to touch her,

And then she was gone—

Gone to Him who had the prior claim.

Why it happened thus, no one knows.

Why she? Why not us?

And what inscrutable purpose had God

in her earthly odyssey?

We don't know—we can only speculate.

Perhaps it was a lesson in the beauty of simplicity—

A simplicity that seemed somehow

to satisfy the heart of God.

But whate'er the truth or whene'er revealed,

We knew her for a time, and loved her,

And drew from her whatever God intended.

Perhaps a special gift—an enrichment of

which we were not as yet aware.

And only in the heavenly clime will we understand

The true worth of the treasure

That He so briefly shared with us.

David Morsey