So long had darkness cursed the earth,

And man in sin had languished,

Oblivious to all but birth,

And death and greed and anguish.

And then there came that glorious dawn,

When God dispelled the darkness,

And met the agony of man

With God in human likeness.

And of that gracious gift of love,

Both God and angels say,

"there was no other way."

And in the course of Godís desire

To break the chains of human bondage,

The son he gave must feel the fire

Of Satanís world of hate and carnage.

And so upon the cross he hung,

And bore the wounds of manís rebellion,

That from once-wretched lips be sung

The glorious song of Godís redemption.

And of that sacrifice of love

Both God and angels say,

"there was no other way."

Now in this world where Satanís power

Has kissed with death manís goals and pleasures,

And made his sweet success to sour,

And touched with rust his glittíring treasures,

There stands the fortress of Godís love,

Preserving joy and peace forever.

And all who walk with God above

Will then from Satanís powír be severed.

And of this fortress of Godís love

Both God and angels say,

"there is no other way."