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Christ, the Living Word - The  Logo  (Download PDF)

From the depths of frustration and despair, Job, the legendary symbol of adversity, cries out, Oh that I knew where I might find Him!   (Continue)

Christ, the Rock  (Download PDF)

The world is a transient, shifting orb in the vastness of space.  Where is there any stability?  What is solid?  How do we find footing?  (Continue)

Coping with Anxiety  (Download PDF)

The age we are living in has had many epithets attached to it  -space age,  new age,  age of Aquarius, but one of the most appropriate phrases would be, the age of... (Continue)

Do All To the Glory of God  (Download PDF)

What does it mean "do all things to the glory of God"?  In fact, what is the glory of God?  What does the word glory mean? (Continue)

Energized Not Religionized  (Download PDF)

Ionized particles in the vastness of space.  That is a rather accurate, if demeaning, description of what we humans are.  (Continue)

Family Citadel (The)  (Download PDF)

Lord, deliver our families from the Devil.  As Christians, we live in a hostile environment.  (Continue)

Faultless Not Flawless  (Download PDF)

The central message of the entire Bible is redemption. God's creatures, fashioned in perfection, were corrupted by ... (Continue)

Gift of Suffering (The)  (Download PDF)

Suffering, a gift?  Yes, not only a gift, but a ... (Continue)

Hope  (Download PDF)

The world is full of hopelessness and despair.  And, well it should be, for it is a seething cauldron ... (Continue)

In Search of Reality  (Download PDF)

For the most part, people want to know what is real -what can we depend on?  (Continue)

Jesus Christ  (Download PDF)

When the angels announced His birth, the skies were filled with His glory ... (Continue)

Journey of the Soul  (Download PDF)

You will show me the path of life ... (Continue)

Joy  (Download PDF)

These things have I spoken unto you, that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.  (John 15:11)  God's intention for men is ... (Continue)

Joy II  (Download PDF)

Joy is a constantly recurring theme of the New Testament writers. It is also a paradox ... (Continue)

Tidings of Great Joys  (Download PDF)

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! The wellsprings of joy ought to be ... (Continue)

Let There Be Light  (Download PDF)

Out of the Spirit realm God spoke to the primal darkness, and light and energy and life came into ... (Continue)

Of Faith and Freedom  (Download PDF)

In 1775 the American patriot Patrick Henry sounded a clarion call that has rung down through ... (Continue)

Of Fear and Faith  (Download PDF)

People are afraid; the world is afraid.  Fear clutches at the heart as tragedy follows tragedy, And catastrophe follows catastrophe.  How do we ... (Continue)

Of Grace and Mercy  (Download PDF)

In a world shattered by the ravages of sin, the only real hope for besieged mortals, is the ... (Continue)

On Being Human  (Download PDF)

What is a human?  God made humans.  He made them in His ... (Continue)

Peace  (Download PDF)

Peace on earth, good will toward men.  So the angels proclaimed ... (Continue)

Perpetual Process of Prayer (The (Download PDF)

It is a continuous process in which the human spirit, indwelt by the Spirit of God, is ... Continue)

Truth  (Download PDF)

HOW CAN I KNOW?  The oldest question;  The oldest lure;  The oldest ... (Continue)


Struggle (The)  (Download PDF)

The followers of Christ seem always to struggle -a struggle not only in the common conflicts of daily existence, but a life and death grappling with ..." (Continue)

Reality and Revelation - A Prolog to the Study of the Logos  (Download PDF)

What is truth? Who am I?  What am I for?  Where am I going?  How can I really know anything for certain?  These are the crucial questions for ... (Continue)

Great War (The) - an essay discussing the battle between the Christian and Satan.  (Download PDF)

We are at war! The enemy maintains a continual assault. For the Christian, peacetime conditions cannot prevail until ... (Continue)

Reflections on Christmas Past  (Download PDF)

It's all over now, and it's only a memory...or a dream...or a nightmare.  For some, Christmas has been a time of pleasant ... (Continue)

Forgiveness  (Download PDF)

The heart of forgiveness is give.   It is true, both of the English word, as well as the Greek.  That fact suggests the ... (Continue)

On Being Led By The Spirit  (Download PDF)

If prayer is the most puzzling part of our relationship to Christ, guidance is probably the most ... (Continue)


From the Eagle's Nest  (Download PDF)

From the Eagle's Nest is a book of devotional essays and poems. The message of hope and peace in Christ is timeless, a blessing from generation to generation.  (Continue)

On Making It Through  (Download PDF)

On Making it Through is a series of helpful observations on wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. It is dedicated to those of us who have known sorrow and pain, frustration and failure, who care not to make it through life grandly, but merely to make it through life with a sense that we have found favor with our gracious God.  (Continue)

Olympus Bared

Olympus Bared is a novel dealing with the odyssey of the Marlin family. After the death of his father, Bret Marlin is lead by his cynical uncle, Winston Decker, on a search for a valid basis for living life. Ultimately disillusioned with the gods of both secular society and sacred society, Bret and Winston encounter Lance Kingman, "not another religious savant," but an agent of Christ, capable of answering the many serious, thought-provoking and difficult questions concerning God and faith.

David, the Man of the Heart  (Download PDF)

David, The Man of the Heart is a book of essays exploring the impact and implications of the character of King David as revealed through a study of key Psalms. This book is not a chronological biography, but rather an exploration of King David's life as a type of Christ as the Shepherd, the Soldier, the Sovereign, the Sinner, and the Singer. At the same time, the reader is introduced to valuable guidelines to a study of the Psalms.  (Continue)


Baron - A Cynic's Guide to an Absurd World is a sort of sequel to "Olympus Bared," though it can be read independently. It is the story of Baron Bruner, a successful international lawyer with an existential philosophy of life and a cynical world-view that makes good sense to him and, for that matter, to many in the western world. Aboard a Concorde flight to Paris to rescue a wayward client, a mutual friend introduces Baron to fellow-attorney and former cynic, Winston Decker, and Winston, in turn, introduces him to Lance Kingman. Finally Baron must face plausible answers to his troubling questions.

Bedrock - Finding a Foundation for Faith  (Download PDF)

Bedrock, Finding a Foundation for Faith is an essay which considers various philosophical views concerning the existence or non-existence of God. Ultimately, the author concludes that God is essentially unknowable without His participation in revealing Himself to mankind.  (Continue)

Uncharted Voyage - Book I. Perceptions of Marriage Before the Fact.

The "Uncharted Voyage" of marriage was instituted by God in the book of Genesis. If entered into without God, marriage very often produces neither happiness nor fulfillment and usually multiplies problems rather than diminishing them. This book uses a question and answer format to explore essential questions about marriage.

Prophets Speak (The)  (Download PDF)

The Prophets Speak is a collection of essays that explores the whole issue of prophecy as a basic communication between God and His people. The author discusses how we can avoid excessive speculation and predictions about the future by determining what the Bible says, when considered through the eyes of history and contemporary world events."  (Continue)

Arduous Odyssey (The)  (Download PDF)

The struggles of "The Arduous Odyssey" of life are confronted in this book by David Morsey. It is written in an informal style and addresses the issues people face in their daily lives. Human relationships, circumstances, and God's intended meanings behind them.  Relating to others, to a spouse, to children, and especially to God,  This book speaks of finding peace with God in the Arduous Odyssey through which each of us must pass.  (Continue)




I Go Not Grandly To The Grave   O
Her Name Is Kirsten    
Into The Abyss He Came    
Pressing Onward To th' Eternal Portals   O
So Much There Was Of Me    
Soliloquy Of Trust    
The Cauldron    
There Is No Other Way    
This Gift From Heaven   O
To Butch    
To Ernie    
To John   O
To Judy    
Dark The Clouds   O
Glands Of Grief   O
A Fleeting Moment   O


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